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Reason behind flow of Nepalese student in Australia

Studying in Australia has become most Nepalese student’s dream in today’s time as Australia has proven to be the best educational destination for international students from all over the world. Australia, being the smallest continent in the world, is enclosed by the ocean on all four sides and is one amongst the foremost urbanized countries.

Australia being a doctrine society may be a safe, harmonious and a friendly place. Australians take tutelage to seem once international students that bring their cultural diversity and that they are helped to regulate to the Australian life style. The environment there is clean and also the cities are safe as Australia incorporates a low rate of crime and strict laws.


What differentiate Australia from rest of the world?

Most of the human settlement is within the coastal space and also the climate is nearly excellent for living. It is a robust economy and provides infinite opportunities for studies even supposing it is a young country. Before it became a colony of the UK and before migrants started coming back to Australia, the native Aboriginal folks and also the Maori tribe were the sole inhabitants. However currently it has flourished into a prosperous country with people from all over the world.

The technical and skilled education provided by Australia is recognized throughout the world. Australian universities and establishments are widely acknowledged for excellence in multiple disciplines and graduates may be assured that they need the abilities demanded by employers. Australian credentials are recognized by most employers and academic establishments worldwide.


How Mars Educational Consultant delivers and looks Australia as high prior destination for student?

Mars Educational Consultant specializes and provides all necessary information and guides the students about the pros and cons of studying out in Australia along with the advantages that the scholars receive along with their parents.

Students will be able to choose completely different levels of studies in Australia relying upon their tutorial qualifications and English Language Proficiency. We tend to work to cater the academic desires of the scholars to the fullest by having them the best possibility of faculties and universities for higher studies.

Keeping in mind the requirement and importance of finding out abroad studies Mars Educational Consultant has tied-up with numerous Universities and Colleges in Australia which offer quality education to the scholars and conjointly provide numerous scholarships to the meriting ones.



The list of documents required For Letter of Offer:

  1. All Academic Documents
  2. Passport
  4. College/University Application Form
  5. Work Experience Letter (if Worked)
  6. Individual Mark-sheets (if you have bachelor or master degree)
  7. Marriage Certificate (if Married )
  8. CV

Spouse’s Academics, Passport, Immigration History (if married)

Who can be eligible Sponsors to fund student whilst they study: Main sponsor (Primary) should be student’s parents which is their direct family members whereas Uncle or Aunt can be their Secondary Sponsor.


What are the lists of Documents that qualify Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

All applicants for a Student visa must show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The document needed for GTE is as follows.

  1. Relationship certificate
  2. Bank Balance:
    • Mature Balance: 3 months Bank statement +Balance certificate
    • Recent Bulk Deposit: Source of deposit required for bulk amount
    • In case of land sale: Transfer of ownership+ Cash invoice from land revenue office+ Cheque and deposit voucher with English date+ Bank statement & balance certificate )

      Education Loan: loan sanction letter and property valuation by bank+ Mortgage deed+ land block paper + land ownership)

  3. Annual Income (Certified letter from ward office including supporting documents
  4. Property valuation with landownership paper of respective lands + TaxClearance certificates of income and property owner )
  5. Citizenship of all sponsors
  6. SSVF Financial Assessment form
  7. Sponsorship letter 8. Statement of Purpose Form
  8. Signed Offer Acceptance
  9. Address Verification (in case of change address)
  10. Contact Number of ward officer+ Email ID of bank manager

NOTE: All Nepali documents should be translated and attested by the lawyer


What dependent applicants need to submit if student is married?

The dependent should provide

  1.  All academic documents of spouse
  2. Passport
  3. Work experience certificate with pay slip or bank statement if applicable
  4. CV

The important document that student needs for Coe from Consultancy and Bank.

  1. TTSlip of fees payment as per offer letter
  2. OSHC
  3. Offer acceptance
  4. Loan Disbursement Letter & statement after fees payment

To prepare for your living in Australia, financial preparation is the key

The spending depends on student habits and capacity that he/she posses. The Insider Guides also helps you to estimate your cost of living in Australia .The average cost on Education, Accommodation, Cost of living and other living expenses is as follows.


Education Cost:

Vocational Education and Training (Certificate I to V, Diploma, Advance Diploma):

VET :( $ 4000 to $ 22000)

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree : $ 20,000 to $ 45,000 per year

Postgraduate Master Degree : $ 22,000 to $ 50,000 per year

Doctoral Degree : $ 18,000 to $ 42,000

Note: This does not include the courses such as medical and veterinary. Please visit specific website.



On-Campus: $400 to $1200 per month Share Rental: $400 to $800 per month Cost of Living:

The Home Affairs website covers in more detail how to work out how much money you might need to cover the costs of your stay in Australia as international student.

As of October 2019, the living cost

For student and guardian- $21,041 per year

For Partners - $7362 per year

For Child - $3152 per year

Major Other Living Expenses:

Groceries: $50 to $75 per week

Gas and Electricity: $10 to $15 per week

Phone and Internet: $15 to $20 per week

Public Transport: $25 to $50 per week

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