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Chinese Language

The ancient language Chinese is spoken by around a billion people within China also worldwide. It is vital to learn even the basics of Chinese at the current time due to its economic and political growth. Chinese can become a great asset to those wanting to travel to China as a tourist, student or an employee. 
Among the large varieties of Chinese language and their dialects, there are two official types of Chinese; Mandarin and Cantonese. There are more than 7,000 characters in Chinese which are combined together to make up ‘words’. There are over 500,000 ‘words’ in Chinese. For everyday conversation, it is enough to know 500 characters and knowing around 2,000 of them is enough to read a newspaper. Most of the Chinese characters are spoken as one syllable. 90% of Chinese characters are complex, which consists of two parts; one part or ‘the radical’ signifying the quality of a ‘thing’ or pronunciation and the other part giving a character a specific meaning. Therefore a “heart” radical suggests us that the character is somehow related with emotion and a “woman” radical has something to do with the female gender. Chinese language recognizes 214 radicals. For example, “pengyou”( 朋友 péng yǒu) clearly symbolizes “friend” as it is composed of two characters 朋 péng and 友 yǒu both meaning friend.

Some Beliefs about the Chinese Language



 Chinese characters are the ancient sets that often take place as ancient pictographs, many of which are identifiable pictorial illustration of an object, i.e. sun, tree, mouth, field, you, me etc.


We provide well guidance in language classes at MARS, so that students can perform flawlessly when striving to learn and survive at China. If you want to head to China, learning the language is a must as it is for us to mould you well so that you can enhance your skills and performance when living there.

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