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Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training in Cyprus

This body caters to students wishing to pursue vocational education. Apart from that, scholars earn qualifications through the help of a mix of academic and technical knowledge and skills, in addition to industrial and practical skills. These programs run for two years, five days a week.

 Higher Education in Cyprus

The Cyprus government has allowed three public universities and five private universities to offer higher education programs to students from all backgrounds. 


Public Universities in Cyprus

1. Open University of Cyprus 

2. Cyprus University of Technology

3. University of Cyprus


Private Universities in Cyprus

1. University of Central Lancashire 

2. University of Nicosia

3. Neapolis University 

4. Frederick University

5. European University


Public Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus

Other organizations that provide higher education in Cyprus are known as Public Higher Education Institutions, one of which is the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM)that is affiliated to the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance of Cyprus. MIM, unlike other institutions which provide vocational education that run from 1 to 3 years, offers Business and Public Administration programs for students at the postgraduate level. These institutions, including MIM, do not have the status of a university.


List of Public Higher Education Institutions in Cyprus

1. The Police Academy 

2. The Cyprus Forestry College

3. The Mediterranean Institute of Management

4. The Higher hotel Institute of Cyprus

5. The School for Tourist Guides


Private Institutions of Higher Education in Cyprus

The 43 authorized Private Institutions of Higher Education provide academic and vocational degrees and/or certificates to students at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education monitors and evaluates the operations of these institutions.


List of Private Institutions of Higher Education

1. The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Lefkosia)

2. The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (Lemesos)

3. The Limassol College - T.L.C. (Lemesos)

4. Atlantis College (Ammochostos)

5. Casa College

6. Cyprus College (Lefkosia)

7. Cyprus College (Lemesos)

8. Cyprus International Institute of Management (Lefkosia, Lemesos)

9. Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

10. C.D.A. College (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos)

11. Church of Cyprus - School of Theology

12. City Unity College Nicosia

13. College of Tourism & Hotel Management

14. A.C. American College

15. Aigaia School of Art and Design

16. Alexander College (Larnaka)

17. Arte Music Academy 

18. Frederick Institute of Technology (Lefkosia, Lemesos)

19. Global College

20. Larnaca College (Larnaka)

21. Ledra College

22. Mesoyios College (Lemesos)

23. M.K.C. City College Larnaca (Larnaka)

24. Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), UCLan Cyprus

25. Intercollege (Lefkosia)

26. Intercollege (Lemesos)

27. Intercollege (Larnaka)

28. InterNapa College (Ammochostos)

29. KES College

30. P.A. College (Larnaka)

31. Susini College (Lefkosia)

32. Susini College (Lemesos)

33. The CTL EuroCollege (Lemesos)

34. The Cyprus Institute

35. The Philips College

36. Vladimiros Kafkaridis School of Drama

List of Universities in Cyprus

1. Eastern Mediterranean University

2. Open University of Cyprus 

3. European University of Lefke

4. European University Cyprus

5. Middle East Technical University - Turkey

6. Istanbul Technical University - Turkey

7. University of the West of Scotland - UK

8. Frederick University

9. Cyprus University of Technology

10. University of Cyprus

11. Neapolis University Paphos 

12. University of Nicosia

13. Cyprus International University

14. Near East University

15. Anadolu University - Turkey

16. University of Central Lancashire - UK

17. University of the West of England - UK

18. Girne American University

19. University of Kyrenia

20. British University of Nicosia

21. Cyprus Science University

22. University of Mediterranean Karpasia

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