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English Language

English is the international language and there are countless reasons why it is very important. It is spoken as the first language in 104 countries. Even in countries with their own native language, English is used for business and tourism purposes. English is the certified language of the United Nations and is used as an official language for airports and airlines. Speaking English is a must for all airline pilots flying to different countries.
There are various types of English like British English, American English and Canadian English. However, they aren’t separate languages, but dialects which are the way people of a specific place articulate their native tongue. The terms used for something somewhere may be different elsewhere. Like people in Britain call the place to watch motion pictures a cinema, while they call it a theater in America. Both of the words are English words, so both of them are correct. Learning any form of English is good as there are no better forms of English. They are only different according to the place.
MARS presents 3 different levels of English classes, categorized as basic level, intermediate level and advanced level. Basic level course lasts for 45 days with 30 hours of teaching; intermediate level is 45 hours of teaching within 60 days, while advanced level is a course lasting for 90 days with 60 hours of intensive teaching. 

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