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Why Finland?

Finland’s historic and repeated success in the PISA - Program for International Student Assessment surveys conducted by the OECD has attracted attention worldwide. Finland has been a definite example country with a distinct education system, which ensures the mixture of social justice, equity and academic excellence, while mainstream countries round the world are not delivering quality education outcomes for all. Policy makers, educational leaders and teachers around the world are curious today to know about the Finnish formulas of equitable access and learning in schools of improved quality for all children regardless of their socio-economic background.


What is Unique in Finland from rest of the Europe?

Finland has repeatedly held the highest position of the United Nation's Global Happiness Index. Finland features a proven track-record because the home of world-class education. The Finnish establishment has been built on the egalitarian principle of excellent quality universal education, which is inclusive and comprehensive. In fact, the training gap of the weakest and therefore the strongest pupils in Finnish schools is one among the narrowest within the world.


The teacher, lecturer and professor are highly competent and qualified in Finland.

Highly knowledgeable and motivated teachers are the foundation stone of the Finnish education system. In Finland, teachers aren't only experts in their own discipline, but also experts in teaching and learning. Finnish teacher training places emphasis on the study of pedagogy: learning the art of teaching, tailored to how different people learn. Finnish degrees, qualifications and training certifications are held in high regard all around the world. Therefore, they function a certificate of high level of competence and dedication. Finland is one of the leading, advanced and expansive selections of educational technology for all levels of education, starting from formal to extracurricular learning.

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