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Japanese Language

The Japanese writing is composed of three completely different character sets:
1.    Kanji (over thousands of characters imported from the Chinese language)
2.    Hiragana
3.    Katakana (2 syllabaries of 46 characters each called Kana when together)
There are two ways of writing Japanese texts; Western style, written in horizontal rows from top to the bottom of a page and traditional Japanese style, written in vertical columns from right to the left of a page. However, both styles are equally in practice. Basic grammar in Japanese is very simple. Gender articles and differences between singular and plural are almost absent. Nouns without being demolished, appear in the same structure every time and conjugation laws for adjectives and verbs are very simple and without exceptions.
In contrast to other languages, there are quite a few sounds in Japanese so pronunciation isn’t much of a big deal. The only difficulty is the Japanese accent, but it isn’t as complicated as the Chinese accent. Also, there are many homonyms which are the words pronounced in the same way but having different meanings.
When addressing to a superior, an unknown person, a child, a close friend or a family member, different expressions and words are used. There are more than five terms for the word “I” which is used for different situations. Same goes for the word “you”. An honorific language rank or “Keigo” is still popular for formal use.
MARS helps students translate their documents while processing the visa application to Japan and also present interpretation when required.
We prioritize aptitude, standard, and competency, which is why we recommend our students to take compulsory language here at MARS before heading for Japan. Only then are we relieved and reassured knowing that our students are on their way towards a good future and can build up a good career.

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