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Mars steps and check

Before beginning your Application to study abroad, check these:

You can drop these in our office or send us via email to our company at marseduconsultant@gmail.com in which your photo must be a jpg file and its size should not exceed 100kb.


Mars follows 9 easy steps on the abroad study.

The application process may vary from person to person according to his/her profile, preference, academic award and background. Mars has designed a common procedure and arranged communal guideline for Nepalese students wanting to study abroad.

  1. Where would you like to study?

It’s your freedom of your choice, of course, college or university and country that favors you.

  1. Counseling/Advising

Our qualified counselors will guide you to various study options according to your qualifications, work experience, course eligibility and budget. If you have not taken the obligatory English tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE, we will help you register for the test and book to the closest available date. We further explain details of complete expenses, university details, student lifestyle, visa requirements etc. And then, students will be assessed for the eligibility of the student visa.

  1. Application Proposal

We apply for admission to your selected course in the University/College of your choice. Successful applicants will receive the offer letter from the institute via MARS which can be conditional or unconditional. Processing time might vary from 1 to 6 weeks for receiving an offer letter. This process differs from country to country.

  1. Payment of Tuition Fee or Deposit

This stage requires students to prepare all the financial documents and verify them. In many instances, students now require paying the First Semester tuition fees(for any unconditional offer) or Deposit to the compulsory Overseas Student Health Insurance through Telegraphic transfer in foreign exchange to the institute.

MARS will now forward the confirmation of TT along with the acceptance of offer and request for RECEIPT from the institute or an evidence of fee payment.

  1. Medical Examination

In most countries, applicants need to undergo a medical examination by an approved doctor. Contact MARS office for more information.

  1. Visa Application

Students can obtain all the forms and submit their documents at MARS. Additional supporting documents might be needed. Then we will verify those documents and an essential adjustment will be carried out by an experienced document officer and only then will we forward the visa application. The processing duration of the application may vary anytime from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the peak season and the country.

  1. Visa Award

Your visa will be approved upon the satisfaction of the visa officer. In many cases, students may need to go through an interview with the visa officer. The validity of the visa will depend on the chosen course.

  1. Pre-Departure Briefing

We will assist you in managing departure from Nepal and arrival in another country. At this stage, we will provide you valuable information about life overseas and as a student at your institution. We will give you various tips on adapting to the culture and dealing with wistfulness. We will also aid you by expanding your link with current students, alumni, and our community. Every student will be provided with detailed aspects of life and studies abroad.

  1. Travel & Accommodation

Our service partners will direct you on ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening a bank account and international calling cards at MARS. We will assist you with information on several available on-campus and off-campus accommodations, pickups at the airport etc. We will also guide you on finding part time jobs or link you up with many companies which we are working alongside with.

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