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Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter in an article or a document where the writer measures the qualities and abilities of those recommended in terms of their capacity to perform a specific task. Recommendation letters are usually a reference  for employment, admission to institutions for higher education and scholarship purposes.

The aim of any recommendation letter is to support a person by stating his positive and balanced summary and his or her skills. It gives a second opinion about an applicant. Below are some tips that help you to write a good recommendation letter by grasping the important factors such as style, content, tone and presentation of your text.

Tips to write a recommendation letter:

  1. Give your introduction and status.
  2. State your relation with the candidate and or how long have you known the candidate.
  3. Summarize the skills of the candidate that are important for the position and also state any relevant experience of the candidate.
  4. Give a brief picture of the candidate’s personal qualities or virtues.
  5. State how is the candidate fit for the position in your opinion, what potential he or she has and what can the candidate offer the organization.
  6. Highlight the exceptional skills or anything outstanding about the candidate.
  7. Mention any chief breaks or space in the candidate’s knowledge or skills.

It is vital that the letter should be written in a balanced way. Present your views in a positive approach. Even if you state something negative, highlight the sectors the candidate needs to improve and give comments that aren’t injurious. Here’s an example: “Lalitya is very skillful and has many qualities, but to make a good platform, he needs to develop his time-management skills. However, he is making a great effort to improve these skills and is already halfway there.”

Make a good impression on the reader by well presenting your recommendation letter; avoiding spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes and considering the details.

Write a recommendation letter in a professional tone with a content that can be read with ease and gives a clear meaning. You can make your letter more professional by addressing the organization with respect. Say “Please don’t hesitate to reach me and feel free to contact me for more queries” at the end for a better impression.

Format of the recommendation letter

The letter must be written in the standard format with the date and your contact details at the top. It is better to address the letter directly to that person who is responsible for the application. If you don’t have a name, you can address to the Human Resources department in case of a company. You may often address as “To Whom it May Concern”. But getting a contact name from the candidate is better still.

Don’t make your recommendation letter very long, just a page is enough.

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