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Statement of Purpose

Guidelines for Statement of Purpose followed by the MARS

The Statement of Purpose is an essential part of a student’s application that will make clear to the admissions committee their identity, professional interests, their purpose or ambitions and what motivated them. The intention of the Statement of Purpose is to clarify the choice of your course, financial condition and other key features of your enrolment at a specific institution.

Make sure to provide sufficient details while answering to the questions below:

[Points to be noted: 

  1. Your responses will be enlisted into your student file.
  2. Your SOP must be handwritten for applying at Australia, while computerized texts are valid for other countries.
  3. Mention the University or College you are going to study at, it’s location and course you wish to study. ]
  4. Your brief academic background





  1. Your reason to study in the stated country. Your details why the program at your selected University/College is appealing to you?





  1. Does your course selection go hand in hand with your academic or professional background?

If the answer is no, then please state your reasons for selecting the course.





  1. Why do you believe this program will assist you in the future?





  1. Are your family living in the stated country, if so, where?





  1. How much does your course cost?







  1. State your family background. How will you fund your study and living expenses?





  1. What are your plans after study? What are your short-term and long-term aims for work after you have completed your studies (in the stated country and your home country)?





  1. Did you ever get rejected for visa in the past? If yes, please give the details. (Attach- refusal letter -Mandatory) If no, skip the section and carry on.





  1. Are you aware of the College / University policies on provider transfer & withdraw?





  1. Where will you live and how far is it from your selected University/College? (If you plan to live with your relatives, it is obligatory that you mention the address)






Name:       ____________________________________


Address :  __________________________________________


Date:         ________________________________________



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