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Why Mars

Mars offers possibilities in 1000+ universities across 50 countries, and this is where our consultants play a significant role. They assess your academic, professional and economic status so as to refer you to the course and the country that best matches your aspiration. If you’re lost and indecisive on where and how, visit Mars where consultants with comprehensive knowledge guide you.


Application and Admission Guidance

Your application to the university is one of the most vital thins that speaks a lot about you. Thus, you must be certain on what sort of impression you wish to project on university admission committee. Given you are precise and logical in choosing a course and university, your application is likely to be considered for further processing. The university admission committee scans your Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), Motivation Letter, Resume as well as Essay and other essential documents to shortlist candidates among many.


Mars helps you by providing necessary guidelines on drafting SOP, LOR, Resume, Essays which are preconditions for admission process.


Financial Aid

Once you decide on which university to enroll in, the fundamental question thereafter remains affordability with regard to finance. However, the cost of tuition free, stationery and other expenses depend on course you choose, and it varies from country to country, and university to university.  If you grab scholarship or education loan or any kind of grant, then your financial burden will be reduced. However, it is easier said than done. To achieve one, professional and step by step individualized guidance is must, and here we have professional having decade long experience at your service. Our team can help you grab financial aid in terms of scholarships/ research assistantship/ teaching assistantship/ bursaries depending on your performance.


Visa Processing

It is more likely that students make mistakes as visa criteria and procedures are increasing getting more complex and often confusing. These mistakes are not only painful but also come with high price since visa applications are not refundable. Further, immigration takes no accountability for rejecting applications with flaws and inadequacy of supplied documents. Thus, Mars takes full responsibility of visa processing on students’ behalf so as to refrain students from financial burden and emotional breakdown. We do this in two ways. Firstly, we leave you on hands of experts whowill be specific to your case. This way, students can be confident that they have everything in place to secure visa decision on their favor.We also inform you how to proceed, what documents are needed and how much to budget. Nothing will be done in haste; we do things step by step so as to prevent from errors and omissions. Secondly, you can decide whether you need assistance in any part of visa application. We don’t force you; rather we are here to help you.


Facilitation at Internship

“You need experience to get experience.” This sound quite unusual at first glance. However, this is what reputed organizations seek for. Most organizations around the globe develop career path for their employee staring from an internship program. real-world work background carries a major importance when it comes to entering the job market. An internship program enables students gain first-hand exposure of working in the real world wherein they get first ever opportunity to harness skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice learnt in university. Studying abroad along with an internship program turns beneficial in many ways for it takes students away from four walls of classroom to the real world of practice.


Choosing an Internship

Fresh graduates are likely to get lost on which particular internship to enroll in. Thus, to prevent our students from such indecisiveness we arrange options for internship that will be milestone in their career path. Needless to mention, an internship should not be selected only on the basis of financial remuneration, rather how much it is likely to contribute in envisaged career path should be taken into account.


Host and Home University consulting

Internship programs that best match your interest and long run career path are not always offered by the university you are studying at, they are at times offered by other universities and institutions. Mars collaborates with both host and home universities so to help you get the best internship programs with most prospects for you. We also remain in constant touch with alumina students who can further help you on this regard. Further, both host and home universities can be very useful as they conduct seminars and meetings with companies. Mars does all its best to offer you the best by providing necessary contacts and information.


Work it out on your own

International internships are available online too. Students can figure out things on their own by searching local organizations and contacting them. Students ought to follow up timely and show their interest to the positions after applying. Further, applying for internships before your vacation can help in many ways ─ you can still apply for other positions for no time constrains will be there. Mars can still provide useful links and contacts even if you plan move ahead on your own.


Following up

Once you are done with application, all you need to do is to wait for the response and prepare for interview beforehand. Make sure to give them your phone number or e-mail to safeguard presence during the interview. Most students wish to do their internship while studying and if you are not able to follow up; you may miss the opportunity.


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