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Work Experience

Experience gained by a person while working in a particular field is called work experience. An experience certificate is provided for an employee that confirms the skills of an employee and the duration he or she was associated with the company. The experience certificate is a vital document that assists a worker to secure a new job. This certificate should be no more than a paragraph.

You should start applying for work experience before at least six months you plan to work in a company. It is better to call the company to discover who you should send your application to, as addressing an application to a named person is always before.

You need to send a brief covering email no longer than a page with 3 short paragraphs. In some cases, you need to provide your CV as well.

Before writing your application, you need to research about the organization as much as possible and their work experience opportunities. Then you can endeavor to reach their expectations. But only research is not enough. You need to reach deeper and recognize your own skills. Question yourself and test yourself. How can you be an important asset to the company you are going to apply? What makes you an excellent work experience candidate? And one more thing, throughout your application, you should worry not about how the work experience will be beneficial to you, but rather what can you contribute them.

Most of the times it may not be fair to you as you will be working at a top firm or other excellent companies without being given any wage. The only advantage is that you get a little experience. You can report those companies to HM Revenue & Customs as they are responsible for setting up the National Minimum Wage which must be paid to any employee working in any firm. It is better to make a complaint to HMRC in such cases.

Here are some options:

Which actions you take is up to you and it matters what you think is best for you, so it is better to consult with your parents and friends on what actions to take. It is also appropriate to depend on your career service before deciding on what measures to take.

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